About | Farm Fried N Curry Chicken - Jamaica, NY

We have been the top spot for hot wings, Halal food, fried chicken and BBQ beef ribs for more than 28 years! When people are looking for a great tasting meal that is prepared by the heart and meant to nourish the soul, they come to Farm Fried N Curry Chicken – and that just makes us so happy. 

What makes us so unique from all of the other eateries in Jamaica is the fact that we really love food. Like, really love it. To us, food is more than just something that has to be eaten out of necessity; it is something that should nourish the entire body – the stomach, the heart, the soul and the mind. It is that philosophy that guides us and leads us to prepare the outstanding food that we serve.

When you come to Farm Fried N Curry Chicken, you will have more than a meal; you will have an experience. Our meats abide by Halal and meet Islamic law. We prepare all of every item on our menu with the finest and freshest ingredients and we always make sure that our customers leave with a full belly and a smile on their face. 

If you’re in Jamaica, NY, come on by and give us a try!

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