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When you think of seafood it definitely has an exotic connotation. Seafood is rich in flavor and an excellent source of nutrients not available in other kinds of meats. Medical professionals have recommended eating fish or seafood at least once a week because of incredible health benefits it provides in a person’s diet. At Farm Fried N Curry Chicken, we provide the freshest seafood in Jamaica, NY.

Our restaurant menu specializes in comfort food. We are fried food experts after all! Some of our best dishes include:

Jumbo Shrimp – our jumbo shrimp is served fresh baked and golden brown. You won’t find fresher, crunchier jumbo shrimp anywhere else in NY. 

Fresh & Fried Fish – We take pride in our grilled salmon platters! Each mouthful bursts with succulent grilled salmon. Our salmon platters are presented with filling sides to complete a hearty meal! Fish & Chips is a genuine comfort plate! You can’t go wrong with our crunchy and fulfilling fish and chips plates!

Fish cakes – an excellent choice in our selection of seafood specialties. Fish cakes are fish filets packed and fried in our fresh baked patties. A flaky and savory taste served steaming hot!

Having been in business for 28 years, we can say that we have a passion for cooking. We are delighted to share our cuisine with all of our guests! We have found that Jamaica loves seafood! The demand for excellent seafood dishes is high! We have responded by perfecting our dishes and expanding our cuisine to meet our customer’s palettes. Try something new at Farm Fried N Curry Chicken and we know you’ll be back for more!

We guarantee that you will leave with a full belly and a great taste in your mouth.

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